How reliable are your virtual machine backups?

How reliable are your virtual machine backups?

Every day you run your nightly backups and receive a successful message, but have you ever wondered if you can really restore from the backups? You could test your backups on extra equipment you have around the office but this requires a lot of work to setup, and you have to be very careful not to bring up a duplicate virtual machine in your production environment. With Veeam SureBackup, you can bring up your backed-up virtual machines in an isolated lab environment on the same

Best Practices for Avoiding Malware through Email and Internet Usage

There are several layers of security to help protect against viruses and malware. Firewalls and Antivirus programs help, but even with these security measures in place, computers are still vulnerable. It comes down to you to help keep workstations safe. “If in doubt, do NOT click!” Email: If an email is from an unknown source, delete it. Do not open it. If you receive an email from a known source but are unsure of it, contact the sender before opening

Prevent an IT Disaster with the Cloud

We all grew up hearing the adage that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link — and if that link breaks, the whole thing falls apart. In the world of your company’s IT, this is called a single point of failure. Basically, if any “link” in your IT system is vulnerable, then your entire infrastructure may be at risk. In order to avoid a major breakdown of business operations, it’s critical to routinely evaluate what “link” in

4 Budget-Friendly Benefits of Using the Cloud

Everyone’s talking about the Cloud: your employees, your colleagues, your competitors. But in an IT landscape that strives to be forward-looking, yet is often tethered to the past (in many cases, in the shape of giant, outdated hardware), it can be hard to make the argument for change. You probably have a few ideas about the well-known benefits of the cloud: greater security, reduced risk, access to data from any location. But you also know that the first question your