IT Solutions in Dayton, OH

IT Solutions in Dayton, OH

DMC Technology Group IT Solutions

DMC Technology Group is the leading IT Solutions partner in the Dayton, OH area, proudly providing IT services since 1993. There has been a tremendous amount of change in the technology that we work with over the past two decades. We have been able to stay at the pinnacle of our industry by staying on top of emerging technologies and passing our expert knowledge on to our clients.

We offer all advanced technology to our clients, and our top priority is providing your company with the best IT solutions for your business. At DMC, we understand that every business has unique needs, and we take pride in helping you identify those needs and then providing the right IT solutions at an affordable price. More than just a contractor or one-time service provider, DMC Technology Group is an integral part of our clients’ business teams. We consider ourselves to be their go-to technology consultants. When your Dayton, OH area business hires DMC, we become completely dedicated to your business’ growth and success.

DMC Technology Group offers a variety of IT solutions:

Application Development and Integration

DMC can upgrade, enhance, or create new applications for your business. These applications can serve a variety of purposes, but all are designed to save our clients time and money.

IBM Power i

DMC technicians have been Power i experts since We have a deep, detailed understanding of its myriad applications to your business.

Data Center and Security

Our consultants can design, procure, install, and support your data centers and technology security infrastructure. We can keep IT infrastructure of any size safe from cyber attacks.


Virtual servers and virtual desktops let you host multiple operating systems and applications both locally and in remote locations, freeing you from physical and geographical limitations. Virtualization reduces the maintenance workload of your IT staff, allowing them to focus on more strategic IT improvements for your business.

Disaster Recovery, High Availability, and Backup Solutions

We know that a catastrophic IT failure can dramatically affect the bottom line of any business, even forcing many businesses to close their doors. Our disaster recovery and backup solutions ensure that your mission critical IT operations come back online as quickly as possible, reducing disruption and keeping your business moving.

Cloud Services

DMC is proud to plan, design, and implement the use of Microsoft Office 365, a premier cloud based production suite. We also offer cloud computing services, which allow your business to be more flexible and responsive, while also reducing costs.

On-Site Services

Our ability to provide on-site services is critical to ensuring that your business gets the IT solutions you need in a timely manner.

When your Dayton, OH area business needs cutting edge, innovative IT solutions, contact DMC Technology Group. Our expert staff will work tirelessly for you and your business.