IBM Power i Cleveland:

Power i is IBM’s premier server delivering enterprise-quality applications, superior reliability, and a low total cost of ownership in Cleveland. DMC Tech uses IBM i as it has been around for almost 3 decades and continues to innovate and grow within operating systems. IBM i helps to prepare you for business growth with keeping data at its core. Power provides virtualization, which has the ability to run multiple applications in a single environment, integrate security, and virtualizes storages with single-level storages. Security is another great benefit to Power i. IBM security is virus resistant with its object-based architecture, which allows an ease of mind with system monitoring and management. Another great feature is open applications to help run modern workloads efficiently and securely with the best development tools and IBM tools partners.


When DMC Tech was founded in 1993, our entire business has been centered on AS/400. We offer multiple features within AS/400 to help create the best technology solution for your business in Cleveland. To name a few; hardware/software operating systems, disaster recovery, and integration with Microsoft. AS/400 is most popular in high-tech industries like manufacturing and computer software.

AS/400 is used for ERP and critical tasks in industries that often require reliability. IBM Power Systems is great with SAP users and database management systems. You also have the ability to use AS/400 to host anything with cloud-only solutions. AS/400 was built to essientially be bullet-proof with hardware redundancy.

Benefits of IBM Power i and AS/400:

IBM Power Systems provide one of the leading IT management systems in the market which is why DMC Tech chooses to still use them. Speed and storage are a one number benefit when it comes to Power Servers. Specs Include:

  • Up to 20 cores
  • 2 sockets
  • 512 GB memory
  • 2 Nvidia K80 GPU capable

Another great benefit is the server integrates with existing data systems. This product has the ability to be plugged into a server farm. IT managers are able to add it right into existing stock to be used as a powerful new tool. AS/400 also has managed cloud complete solutions, which makes it a competitive option for the cloud era. You’ll easily be able to scale more as your needs grow.

To get your company set up with IBM Power i, contact DMC Tech today.


DMC Technology Group is very pleased to announce that Debbie Farley joined DMC on June 16th!! Debbie has 28 years of experience on the IBM Power i platform, working as both an in house employee (Matrix, OldCastle) and consultant for a variety of customers including Campbells Soup for 15 years.

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Congratulations and Thank You Greg Zeller!!!! On July 31, Greg Zeller (“Z”) will retire from DMC Technology Group, putting the final touches on a distinguished career. Greg started his career in 1972 with IBM and spent the last 18 years with DMC. Over 46 years, Greg has served hundreds of

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