Disaster Recovery, HA & Backup Solutions

Disaster Recovery, HA & Backup Solutions

Disaster Recovery, HA, & Backup Solutions:

DMC offers IT disaster recovery, high availability, and backup solutions to keep you and your business protected.

Disasters happen. Ohio is considered one of the safest states for encountering a natural disaster, which is fantastic for the protection of your company’s technology infrastructure. But IT disasters can happen at any moment and without proper protection, your hardware, software, data, and productivity could be destroyed.

  • Disaster Recovery – At DMC, we understand how devastating a catastrophic system outage can be, especially to businesses that rely on large amounts of data. DMC will design a disaster recovery plan to meet your business needs.
  • For our IBM Power i customers we offer a disaster recovery service, which grants your business access to -build your servers at DMC. In the event of a system outage the disaster recovery plan provides you with a reliable, agile solution you need to minimize your risk and get back in business. DMC can compliment this offering with a remote backup service.
  • Remote Backup Solutions — DMC provides a range of remote backup solutions to protect your business’ critical data and systems. Remote backup locations protect data from physical danger. We offer use of our data center to serve as your remote backup facility, our solutions can be implemented at your own remote backup site or in the cloud.
  • High Availability (HA) — Many organizations cannot afford to be without their business applications for more than 1-2 hours. If you experience catastrophic data loss, and don’t have proper backups or HA, that downtime can quickly increase to days, if not longer, resulting in lost revenue, lost productivity and potential negative impact to your reputation.
  • DMC provides high availability services for IBM Power i and Windows servers. This service provides a real time replication of mission critical applications.  Should a system outage occur, applications can be back on line very quickly with little or no data loss. This invaluable service can truly save your business.
  • Backup and Recovery Solutions. DMC supports a wide variety of on premise and cloud-based solutions which safeguard your data. We analyze our customer’s backup requirements and implement the solutions that are best suited for your business from proven industry leaders including Microsoft,  ExaGrid, Symantec, Veeam, Unitrends, and Intronis.

DMC Technology Group is the premier business technology partner in Toledo and throughout Ohio. Our company has provided creative technology solutions since 1993. Our experienced IT professionals understand that every business requires its own, tailor-made technology, and we work with you to ensure that your needs are being met as efficiently and effectively as possible. At DMC, our goal is to improve your company’s IT wherever and whenever possible. We consider ourselves to be not just a service provider, but a trusted advisor.