Position Available: Power i Technical Specialist



The primary responsibility of the Power i Technical Specialist is leadership in the implementation, upgrading, maintenance and troubleshooting of Power i hardware and software for DMC customers.  RPG and CL programming skills are also very desirable, but not required.  The position requires skills in five key areas:

  1. Customer Satisfaction
  2. Technical Expertise
  3. Project Leadership
  4. Communications
  5. DMC Responsibilities

Customer Satisfaction

The Power i Technical Specialist will usually be the primary “hands on” resource responsible for the successful completion of the project and customer satisfaction.

DMC’s customers have a right to expect:

  • Systems will be designed to specifications, thoroughly tested, and properly documented.
  • Systems will be completed within budget and on schedule unless there are changes to the scope of effort.
  • Work will be planned, and progress and problems will be documented.
  • Changes to plans will be reported and reviewed.
  • Alternative solutions will be provided to the customer for review and approval.
  • A professional, cooperative attitude.

Technical Expertise

The Power i Technical Specialist is expected to work in a group setting as well as a “stand alone” setting in the following technical areas and share knowledge with other DMC employees.

  • Operate and maintain a current, working knowledge of the Power i architecture.
  • Provide pre-sale expertise on configuration of server hardware and software.  Will require gathering specifications and creating configurations with IBM System Planning Tool and Tech Data R2O.
  • Configure and install Power i hard drives, memory, cache batteries, cards, etc.
  • Configure and install Power i machines.
  • Order, prepare and install cumulative PTFs, Group PTFs and Individual PTFs.
  • Configure RAID and Mirroring.
  • Configure LPARs using iHost.
  • Configure LPARs using VIOS.
  • Configure Lan Console.
  • Configure HMC.
  • Perform OS Upgrades.
  • Perform migrations/upgrades from Power i to Power i.
  • Installation and configuration of iSeries Access for Windows and Access Client Solutions.
  • Understand, create, and maintain user profiles, subsystems, job queues, output queues, job descriptions, printer configurations.
  • Understand and implement backup strategies with native Power i commands or BRMS.
  • System troubleshooting.
  • Ability to estimate projects and tasks.
  • Configure, install and support MIMIX, HA4i, or other High Availability Solutions.
  • Configure, install and support eVault or another similar Solution.
  • Train, mentor and review the work of less experienced personnel.
  • Achieve IBM certifications for Power and Storage products.
  • In carrying out these technical skills, weekend and evening work is required.

Project Leadership

The Power i Technical Specialist will have independent responsibility for design, development, testing, and implementation of Power i Systems.  The Power i Technical Specialist should be able to:

  • Develop and maintain a detailed work plan, schedule, and cost estimate for a Power i projects.
  • Explain tasks to DMC and customer personnel.
  • Identify and communicate the impact of proposed solutions.
  • Identify and communicate the impact of project changes.


Clear, effective written and oral communications are necessary for a good relationship with clients, supervisors, and DMC administrative personnel.  The Power i Technical Specialist is expected to:

  • Provide clear, adequate documentation for all projects.
  • Provide supervisors (and clients if appropriate) written confirmation of project plans, changes, and problems.
  • Effectively present solutions to technical problems.
  • Provide sales/marketing assistance as required.

DMC employee responsibilities

DMC expects all employees to:

  • Follow DMC administrative procedures for completion of time sheets and expense reports. 
  • Maintain a positive, cooperative attitude towards DMC’s goals, objectives, policies, and procedures.
  • Organize time to maximize the productive time working on client projects.
  • Share skills and techniques with other DMC personnel.
  • Develop the analytical skills and judgement needed to:

Understand requirements or problems.

Determine objectives.

Generate alternative solutions.

Evaluate the situation and select a solution.

Develop a workplan to implement the solution.

If problems develop in any of these areas, discussions must be held with the immediate supervisor.

Please email your resume to todd.schiavone@dmctechgroup.com