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At DMC, we understand how devastating a catastrophic system outage can be. Whether caused by fire, flood, natural disaster or ransomware, DMC will design a disaster recovery plan to meet your business needs.

  • Cyber Security
  • IBM Power i
  • Cloud/Remote Backup Solutions
  • High Availability
  • Backup and Recovery Solutions

Data Center Recovery

DMC supports on premise, cloud-based, and offline backup solutions which safeguard your data. We analyze our customer’s backup requirements and implement the solutions that are best suited for your business from proven industry leaders including Microsoft and Veeam.


For our IBM Power i customers we offer a disaster recovery service, which grants your business access to -build your servers at DMC. In the event of a system outage the disaster recovery plan provides you with a reliable, agile solution you need to minimize your risk and get back in business. DMC can complement this offering with a remote backup service.

DMC provides high availability services for IBM Power i. This service provides a real time replication of mission critical applications. Should a system outage occur, applications can be back online very quickly with little or no data loss. This invaluable service can truly save your business.

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