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Backup and Data Recovery Best Practices

Backup and Data Recovery

Backup and Recovery is one of the most critical elements of a sound IT operation. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t place an emphasis on the importance of backups and the ability to recover data.

Here are 3 Backup and Recovery best practices that we advise all clients to follow:

  1. Audit procedures to ensure that all critical files are backed up on a daily basis. Test a complete restore and recovery to simulate the ability to recover from a system outage.
  2. Replace tape backup media with a disk-based appliance for better reliability and faster restores.
  3. Implement cloud-based backup or replication to a remote site to protect against a site disaster.

DMC has helped many companies implement these best practices. We want to help you design and implement a Backup and Data Recovery plan for your business. Please contact me to set up an appointment.

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