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SharePoint provides features to overcome the challenges presented by using traditional file shares to store and access content.

Does your organization work with file shares that contain large amounts of disorganized documents stored in several folders/sub-folders?

Has this content built up over years of operation?

Document access via file shares presents many challenges for an organization.

  • Day to day documents are intermingled with years of content that may never be needed and could possibly be archived.
  • Searching for relevant documents can be difficult because of the large amount of files to be searched.
  • Backup and restoration of important files takes extra time and consumes additional resources.
  • Remote access to documents requires an additional layer of security such as a VPN connection.
  • Document sharing with remote users is often performed using email attachments, leading to version control issues.

Document access via SharePoint Document Libraries provides features to overcome the challenges. 

  • Document Libraries provide an additional layer for organizing and securing documents.
  • Content can be accessed remotely without the need for an additional security layer such as a VPN connection.
  • Documents no longer need to be sent as email attachments in order to be shared with
  • Metadata can be applied to documents, resulting in better organization and search indexing.

YOU May Already Have SharePoint

  • Your company may already have an on premise SharePoint server.
  • Microsoft SharePoint is included with some Microsoft Office 365
  • As another option, you can get Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint On Line for $8/month per user.

Where do we go from here?

Our SharePoint specialist can assist your organization with reorganizing and migrating data from file shares to SharePoint Document Libraries.  Please call to schedule an appointment with our SharePoint specialist!

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