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Arctic Wolf Helps Manage Your Cybersecurity Risk 24/7/365

Organizations everywhere struggle with managing cybersecurity risks, even when security tools are in place and monitored by an in-house IT team. Do you know which systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks? Are you aware of misconfigured systems? What IT assets does your organization have in place? 

That’s why DMC Technology Group has partnered with the Arctic Wolf platform to provide our clients with top-of-the-line cybersecurity coverage.

Even when all this information is accessible to an IT security team, existing systems often generate too many alerts and false positives, so alerts are ignored. This is how many high-profile breaches occur. Cyber alert fatigue and a lack of 24/7 IT security coverage amount to significant data breach risk. 

Here’s a statistic that proves how vulnerable many organizations are to cybersecurity threats. When we deploy the Arctic Wolf managed detection and response solution, its concierge security team finds latent threats lingering in 73% of business environments within the first 90 days of engagement. 

What you don’t know about your cybersecurity status will eventually damage your business. 

The good news is, an around-the-clock “security advisor” is within reach and can integrate seamlessly with your existing IT environment, so you do not necessarily have to invest in new systems or equipment. 

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How Does Arctic Wolf Secure Your IT Environment?

Arctic Wolf is essentially a security advisor as a full-service incident response partner providing continuous risk management, detection and response. Its concierge security team works as an extension of your IT security team or managed services provider

What makes Arctic Wolf different than other incident response vendors? 

A lot of incident response companies will identify cyber threats. But, they do not analyze the root cause of security incidents or restore your business to pre-incident operations. Arctic Wolf stands out because it is a full-service wrap-around cybersecurity solution that provides comprehensive digital forensics and data recovery. 

Basically, Arctic Wolf is a three-legged cybersecurity solution that stabilizes your business IT environment with threat detection, incident response and recovery. We’ll explain how. 

Detect: Hunting Down Cybersecurity Threats

Today’s highly motivated, malicious cybercriminals use social engineering skills to trick your employees, or they simply slip through gaps in existing security controls. While you’re focused on running your business and serving customers, these bad actors are hard at work finding backdoors to feed on your data. Even IT environments with security solutions in place are prey for increasingly sophisticated breaches. 

We know, it’s frustrating and overwhelming to think you’ve got your IT environment covered only to discover there are many weak links. Detection is an integral part of a three-step, full-service cybersecurity risk management solution. 

There a number of essential risk detection actions your business needs to secure your IT environment. Some of those include: 

  • Security risk scoring: You need to know if your secure posture improves or declines over time, so you know where you stand. 
  • Account take-over risk detection: By scanning the dark and gray web for breached data, action can be taken to secure compromised accounts. Arctic Wolf provides details such as the source, data breach description and exposed emails. 
  • Asset criticality and tagging: Arctic Wolf labels assets based on their importance, such as critical, high, medium, low or unassigned. This allows for prioritizing risks for hardened security. 
  • Asset inventory: Your attack surface is ever-changing as you add IT assets to your environment. You need to be sure your managed risk platform identifies, profiles and classifies IT assets automatically and continuously. 
  • Vulnerability assessment: Continuous scanning is essential for understanding your company’s digital footprint and quantifying business risk exposure. Additionally, audit reporting and security controls benchmarking elevate threat detection. 
  • Advanced threat detection: Machine learning with adaptive tuning allows Arctic Wolf to detect advanced threats and provide forensic analysis. This improves efficiency and broadens the scale of threat detection. 

Cybersecurity threat detection is one aspect of a full-service risk management solution. But it’s not enough to identify the threats. How will you respond to incidents and strategically delete future risk? 

Incident Response — Now What?

When a threat is detected, how will your risk management partner investigate the incident and rapidly respond to the alert to contain the threat? This requires 24/7 monitoring, alert triage and prioritization. 

What your business needs is a team of digital forensics analysts, which is how Arctic Wolf determines the root cause of cybersecurity compromises and can determine if data was accessed, deleted or stolen. This intel allows for targeted incident response, recovery and future risk mitigation. 

When vetting managed risk vendors, we recommend partnering with a provider that can deliver these incident response services: 

  • Dedicated Incident Director: Arctic Wolf assigns an Incident Director to every case. This expert has an intimate understanding of your cybersecurity situation and is a primary point of contact that is in constant contact. 
  • Progress updates: Communication is key during incident response, with progress updates and milestone tracking. 
  • Forensics findings: Clear explanations of forensics investigation findings will inform risk management strategies to prevent future attacks. 

Strategic Recommendations — Recover from Cybersecurity Incidents

Many incident response vendors drop the ball after detecting and responding to cybersecurity threats. But what was the root cause of the attack? What digital forensics were discovered during incident response that can inform your cybersecurity strategy? How is a provider working diligently to restore your business to pre-incident operations? 

Ultimately, what did you learn about your IT environment because of the security incident so you can prevent future data breaches? 

We believe a critical part of the incident recovery process involves remediation guidance and strategic recommendations to harden your security posture over time. It’s a full-circle cybersecurity approach that starts with understanding your “attack surface” and security posture, and continues with ongoing cybersecurity scans to maintain full visibility, measure progress and mitigate incidents.

Level Up Your IT Cybersecurity Profile 

At DMC Technology Group, we are committed to doing the right thing for our clients and providing a high level of hardware solutions, managed services and cybersecurity solutions such as Arctic Wolf. We take pride in our talented staff of engineers and IT specialists with strong communication skills that allow us to develop long-term relationships with clients, who see us as a vested partner in their success. 

Let’s talk. Arctic Wolf + DMC Technology Group can create a secure business IT environment so your Ohio or Michigan-based business can focus on what you do best. Contact us to learn how.

Posted by Greg Gomach, Business Unit Manager at DMC Technology Group

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